Failed Attempt.

March 27, 2010

) On your blog, I want you to tell me the story of something you’ve tried to do or are trying to do that isn’t going so well. I’m going to use these entries to determine what stuff we should actually talk about in class next week.

Um, use CSS.  Create a website. Comprehend Dreamweaver.  I am beginning to wonder if at 32 I am experiencing brain degeneneration, mad cow diesease, or brain sponging. I don’t get it. I think attempting to use this program has made me understand how and why people become crazy.  I think I am also experiencing a bit of frustration with the lab computers as well. I feel as though every  computer operates a little differently, or does not work properly.



March 27, 2010

8) What makes a website “successful?”

You can answer that question however you’d like. I have left it sort of vague on purpose, so it’s okay if you do some exploring of the question as you respond.

I think initially a website is successful based on the appearance, and aesthetics. I think a consumer/visitor automatically forms an initial decision based on their primary first response of the websites appearance. If the website looks cluttered with a lot of information it is a turn off to me, and I typically do not want to take the time to sort out the information or what the site has to offer. A successful website should also be easy to navigate, and search. It always drives me crazy if I have to scroll around the page looking for links, login area, etc. Depending on the purpose of the site, a professional, or creative appeal can be a major plus. Also, no broken links. There is nothing more frustrating that attempting to use a website that does not work, and it makes the site appear unprofessional and unkept. I know advertising is huge while the majority of clients/consumers turn to the net, but an overabundance appears tacky, and the pop-up and floating ads make my head spin.


March 27, 2010

give me a preview of what you’re working on for mod 4 (as much as you have now). This can be narrative, can include images, or links. Ask questions if you have them!

HAHAHHAHAHAH. Just kidding. As of now I continue to struggle with Dreamweaver, CSS, web design. So my hope for Module 4 is anything that works. However, if I was able to use Dreamweaver/CSS I would like for my blog to contain clean lines, with black and white imagery, and small burst of color. I tend to enjoy the more simple of sites that are not too noisy or loud. I would use a charcoal gray font, black heading, white background, and burst of color in photographs.


March 27, 2010

4) We’ve looked at color and issues of color blindness this week. What I’d like you to think about is a site you’ve visited recently that doesn’t seem to be carefully attentive to color (for whatever reason). Write up a short plan to modify the page so that it takes into account some of the stuff we’ve learned this week.

I noticed that many of the websites that I frequently visit do well with color. The one site that I noticed that could use some improvement is  . It is not that it is necessarily a poorly designed color scheme, however the shade of blue that they use for the headings/links appears to be a bit bright, making the white writing difficult to see. In order to correct the problem, I would use a bit of a darker shade of blue to make the white stand out more for an easier read, and to avoid the natural “squint” of the eye that the brightness almost forces me into.  Also, in regards to color blindness, red and blue are predominant on this page. Scholastic’s logo is red, so that may be difficult to correct. However, using a child friendly color that is not red, blue, or green would correct this issues as well.  I would suggest the areas of blue to be changed to a purple or orange. Both of which could be gender neutral, child friendly, and easier on the eyes.

I wish I wish I wish

February 22, 2010

Well, I d love to say I have a really deep and meaningful website that I visit often and am wishing for an improved feature.  The website that wish I could make a couple minor changes to is . The product images do not enlarge past the product description screen. The website offers the ability to zoom in on detail, and to enlarge the smaller images featuring the different views, however there is no “pop up” that allows for the image to be enlarged past what is initially on the screen. It seems like it would be a very simple fix, and should be a function given that the customer should be given as much of a view of the item as possible given the nature of online shopping.

Urban Outfitters is part of the same company that encompasses Free People and Anthropologie. All three stores offer online websites. The function that I would love to see incorporated would be the linked shopping cart which allows for shopping from all three stores, all in the same shopping cart and shipped together (with one shipping and handling fee). Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy,and Piperline have a linked shopping cart such as this. It makes online shopping between the stores easy, and the customer only pays one shipping and handling cost.  This feature may not be as simple to incorporate if it has to do with  where the product is warehoused.


February 22, 2010

No Questions regarding the last Module. Just curious for the final project if we are able to use iweb ?

Web Peeves

February 8, 2010

My pet peeve surrounds the world of advertising as well. My biggest pet peeve is the pop up floating ad that will not go away. The one that blocks the content that you would like to be reading. And then when the attempt is made to close it out often times because the ad is too busy floating and hovering, you are unable to land (if you can find it) on the tiny little “close x.” It annoys me in a way that I do not get angry with the advertiser, I begin to spite the website. I think advertisements on the web are a pet peeve in most forms. The way that all of the new outlets require you to sit through and advertisement before the actual news story appears. When I want to watch Lost online, I have to anticipate the advertisement that pops up every ten minutes.

I get it. I understand, money money money. I have more of a tolerance for the advertising on the videos and watching the television shows. As more and more people get their entertainment from online methods, and information from online media- advertisers need to shift to the web as well. The pop-up ads, no excuse. I am going to go on the assumption that the majority of people who see  the pop -up ads are more focused on figuring out  how to close them, than on what they say. To appease everyone, I would suggest putting the advertisements at the end of the article or web content. Someone who has just got their daily dose of whatever it is they needed would probably be much more likely to take a moment to read a non-IN YOUR FACE ad after their web fix. It is up to the advertising company to grab the attention of the reader.


February 1, 2010

I think anytime I stumble upon something broken on a website the site drops a few notches in credibility points for me.  Sure I have no idea where to begin to fix the problem with my virtual hammer and nail, but I am expecting that someone somewhere does.

The two types of broken that I have encountered are the aesthetic broken, and the functionality broken.  In looking at the design aspect, the words that somehow get cutoff into the links, the pages that seem to runoff the side of my page that leave me looking for a nonexistent scroll.  Images that do not appear, that I assume were drawn with invisible ink.  All leaving me to wonder in a world of internet searching and text messaging, why it is taking so long for someone to at least send a simple text to the creator/company/site..”hey. ur site is broke. ttyl.”

During Christmas this year I ordered my daughter clothing from I shop online frequently. If there is a skill I have accomplished in life, it is online shopping. I know when NOT to hit the “submit order” button more than once. So when I went to place a $250 order from American Eagle and the site kept telling me that I had not entered all the information….it was four -submit order, submit order, submit order, submit order’ z- before I gave up. I then realized that not one order had worked, but $1000 was now “pending” in my bank account. Grrrrr.  Broken.  Surprisingly customer service did not seem surprised.

Of course, there is always Angel, which appears to be in a chronic state of broken rot. I am beginning to wonder if the site was created just to teach me to be more appreciative when sites do work. I was able to upload to Angel today!!!!! YIIIPPPPPEEEEEEE. That reading link actually opened this time!!! Life is good. Angel has been broken in one way or another since its creation, so I am unclear why little bandaids are used to fix it when it is clearly in need of a full body cast.

Broken sites say a lot about the credibility of the creators, and the organization/company they were created for. A broken website is comparable to a resume with misspellings. It speaks poorly of whoever it is meant to represent. As a web surfer/consumer I am not sure why or how links/sites/design breaks, but I do not care. All I want to know is why haven’t they been fixed.

My new skill.

January 25, 2010

Since I know so little about web authoring it is difficult to pinpoint a specific skill. I know so little that I do not even know what I don’t know.

I would like to decode code. I would like to understand how I can get the image of what a website should be out of my head and onto a screen. For me it will be the simple task of learning how to make things work. I feel as though I have a good eye for design, it is the knowledge of how to use the specific programs that I lack.  I would like to know what web jargon is…html, java, and all the many others that go in one ear and out the other.

I am on a mission to become more computer literate, and web authoring is certainly a leap into that resolution. I am unclear of where to even begin in regards to creating a webpage. I am even more unclear of how to make links work, pop ups happen, graphics move….

The skill that I am hoping to walk away from this class with is more knowledge of computer lingo, and the basics of getting started on web design. The thought of code , html, java, makes my brain swell.  I am hoping that eventually this class will help the swelling go down.

Hello world!

January 13, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!